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Alli Durfee

In 2012, Alli began her executive assistant role with a serial entrepreneur, Arnie Malham. In the six-year role as his executive assistant, Arnie wrote a book, became a speaker, sold two companies and a building, and is now considered one of Nashville’s most influential leaders.  Arnie would be the first to tell you that without Alli, none of it would have been possible as she cut down the noise, kept him on track and anticipated a lot [much like Radar on M*A*S*H]. Along the way, Alli also helped many other entrepreneurs' executive assistants to accelerate by sharing knowledge, building confidence and creating a support network.


Alli is an aspiring entrepreneur who’s been supporting executive assistants for more than 7 years. She wholeheartedly believes that behind every successful entrepreneur is a passionate and resilient executive assistant. That's why she launched Radar. Radar was built with the understanding that there's a better way to connect executive assistants with entrepreneurs. Now more than ever before, the executive assistant must be an integral gatekeeper who is always one step ahead.

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Alyssa Tedesco

Anchor Investment

September 2019

Cheyenne Conrady

Brand Builders Group

June 2020

Morgan Hall

CBC Law Group

November 2019

Megan Mathewson

ACS Roofing

October 2020


Nicole Beane

Waddell & Associates

January 2020


Mackenzie Daigle

ACS Roofing

April 2020

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If you are considering using Radar EA, just do it. I can promise you that you will never regret it.

Micah Lacher | Anchor Investments


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